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Unity In Process

Reflections on Ecumenism

by Clive Barrett (ed)


Price: £18.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:September 2012
The achievements of ecumenism have thus far been modest, at least at the level of uniting churches, the cynic might argue, but at the local level Christians now talk to each other, and where they can, act together, in ways that would have been unthinkable before the modern ecumenical era. It is into this dichotomy between the 'international' and local level that this book fits and tries to find a way forward. As the editor says: "In a post-modern world where the number of different churches is increasing all the time, the hopes of previous generations for unity through integration look increasingly unlikely in any forseeable future." (p.25) This book tries to answer the 'Then where do we go from here?' query, by exploring the term 'process' in relation to 'unity'. As the editor also writes: "The fullness of unity is actually to be glimpsed in the journey, in the shared pilgrimage, in the messy process of unity."(p.27)
The contributors to this volume bear witness to this process.

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Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (29/11/12)
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