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God of Surprises

Revised and updated edition

by Gerard Hughes


Price: £8.95
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
First published in November 1985, Gerard Hughes’ three prefaces (to the three different editions) are all here in this book and are well worth reading or re-reading. He sets out very clearly how readers can travel what he calls the inner journey, using some, or all of his chapters depending on their need. He says, "This book has only one purpose – to suggest some ways of detecting the hidden treasure in what you may consider a most unlikely field, yourself." This is a guidebook providing signposts to the God of surprises, based on the parable of the treasure in the field. The work is not done for us, the exercises at the end of each chapter are to enable us to use the signposts provided. It surely needs working through again and again, each time digging a little deeper.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (12/12/00)

Reader review: - Pam Sanders, TGBS Reviewer

I very much liked the new layout of the book (my copy of the book is the 2nd edition); the sub-headings made it much easier to use as a guide.
I am rather perturbed, however, by the one revision of the text which leapt out at me. In the chapter ‘The Valley Speaks – God and the Nuclear Threat’, mention of ‘evangelical fundamentalists in the United States’ becomes ‘those fundamentalists’: specific to generic. Is this political expediency as the book is to go on sale in the USA for the first time? The rest of the sentence remains unchanged, which seems somewhat awkward, as I cannot imagine what other kinds of ‘fundamentalists’ would wish to be ‘enraptured’ by Christ. [page 158 2nd Ed.; page 160 3rd Ed.]

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