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Why Science Hasn't Disproved Free Will

by Alfred R Mele


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Oxford University Press (OUP)
Published:01 November 2014

This is an interesting read for anyone who has an inquisitive mind, and likes to ask questions. Mele delves into the scientific world and their experiments on if free will exists or not. He explains the experiments in easy to understand terms and then discusses the findings and their conclusions.

Whilst I can't agree with him on every point and there are times when I feel his own conclusions are more speculation and supposition than true evidence based disproval it never the less is a well written and thought provoking book well worth the time to read it.

It isn’t an in-depth book, in fact at only 99 pages its a very quick read, but as a starting point and general introduction to the argument of free will its well worth its money.

Reviewer: Allison Carroll   (06/02/15)
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