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A Pilgrimage

by James Martin


Price: £18.99
Publisher:Harper One from Gardners Books
Published:April 2014

What a wonderfully written book, I'm not sure at the end of it how best to describe to it though—other than insightful and enjoyable.

It is part travelogue of a visit to the Holy Land, part autobiography of the life of a Jesuit priest, part commentary, and a lot spiritual contemplation upon the life of Jesus, the stories we encounter in the Bible, the places and situations he lived ... and their reflection upon our lives too.

All of these things are written in a seamless fashion and yet each one has it's own small section in the larger 25 chapters, and those chapters themselves also flow beautifully, one into the other, whilst remaining distinct and clear and separately intense.


This really is a beautiful book to spend time with. It is great to read about the places of the Holy land, to see Jesus through James Martin's eyes, coloured by sound biblical theology but also wonderfully imagined insights that add colour, flavour, nuance. This really is a wonderful pilgrimage guide, even or maybe especially for those who journey only from the armchair.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (31/07/14)
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