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The Little Book of Lent

Daily Reflections by the World's Great Spiritual Writers

(ed) Arthur Howells


Publisher:Harper Collins
Published:October 2014
An inspirational source of encouragement for Lent.

The Little Book of Lent is a powerful anthology of readings from spiritual writers for each day of Lent, with accompanying scripture and prayers to help guide daily reflections.

With extracts from a range of inspirational writers and theologians, including Desmond Tutu, Sheila Cassidy and Rowan Williams, The Little Book of Lent guides you to deepen your prayer life in anticipation of Easter.

This book can be read on your own or with others, used either for self-reflection or to spark discussion and share insights on God's truths. This edition would be perfect for a Lent course or to use as a talking point for home groups.

Whether or not you choose to read the extracts multiple times or once straight through, Howells' latest work will lead you to new heights in your Christian journey and personal walk with God. It is the ideal gift for friends, family or anyone else preparing themselves for the sacrifices of Lent.

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