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Friends and Heroes

Episode Three plus exciting extras

Created by Brian D. Brown & Eric J. Danenberg


Price: £15.00
Publisher:Friends and Heroes Productions Ltd
The price includes UK post and packing, but check on line for special offers.
Portia being the niece of the Roman governor learns that a huge war ship called Leviathan is approaching Alexandria and is intended to be used to crush the rebels in Galilee. She tells Macky who tells his family. Rebecca and Leahís father is one of the rebels fighting the Romans, what can Macky do to help.
He explains the need to stop the ship sailing, to his clever friend Sollie, who needs a couple of Bible stories about David, to convince him that although they are small there must be something they can do.
Sollieís plan seems to work but: OH Dear! Things donít go quite according to plan!
This first series of episodes has already been shown on TV where they entertained and taught many children. Now they are available to interest many more children. Highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (22/07/11)
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