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Prayers of Intercession For Common Worship

Living Stones

by Susan Sayers


Price: £19.99
Publisher:Kevin Mayhew Publishers
These are the intercessions from the three years of Living Stones Prayers of Intercession, years A,B and C brought together in one volume suitable for use in Church.
For every of the liturgical year, Susan Sayers has written prayers that can be used straight from the book, or preferably adapted to suit your parishes current particular concerns. Of help to anyone asked to lead intercessions but especially helpful to those inexperienced in so doing. Available in Case Bound,Gilt Edge - Price 29.99
Separate volumes of Year A,B and C are still available at 11.99 each
Year A, ISBN - 978-1-840-03216-1
Year B, ISBN - 978-1-840-03395-3
Year C, ISBN - 978-1-840-03013-6

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (11/03/01)
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