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Youth A Part

Young people and the church

By General Synod Board of Education


Price: £7.95
Publisher:National Society / Church House Publishing
Youth A Part looks at how young people relate to the Church of England. Looking at youth culture; a theology of youth work; youth spirituality and worship; building relationships; how youth workers can best be recruited, supported and trained; examples of good practice and new ideas to challenge all those who see that work with 11-25s is vital to the Churchís future. If you have a youth work in your church, especially if you have a youth worker then I recommend this book for you. The report clearly illustrates that of course young people are spiritual and that many have turned away and know nothing of institutional forms of Christianity. A good report, even if itís content has been known by many youth workers for the past 10 years! Readable, but you will need time to digest all the information and to make use of it.

Reviewer: Andrew Elliott   (14/07/03)
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