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Nooma 014 - Breathe

by Rob Bell


Price: £9.49
Publisher:Zondervan from Trust Media Distribution
Published:Spring 2007
I have quite deliberately put two of these twenty short films into our Learning About Faith category, as all in this series stand alone for individuals as well as being a resource for groups for whom packs of discussion booklets are available. Click on the publisher to find the publisher’s website where a short sample passage from each is available for viewing.
This latest short film is everything we've come to expect from the Nooma brand: quality film photography, a theme it's easy to connect with, the Bible connecting with life. I am an unashamed fan of these things: I think they're doing a great job of connecting eternal truth with 21st century life in a way that engages our increasingly screen obsessed generation in a way that a book is (perhaps!) no longer capable of. When I first saw Breathe it was being used as the start of a worship session, where we were encouraged to 'breathe out' all the things which troubled us, and to 'breathe in' the peace of God, through his Spirit. ('Breath, Spirit, same word'). Being a big multi-sensory fan, this appealed to me a *lot*! Breathe deals with the idea that we, as people made in the image of God, are his sacred creation. 'Your life is but a breath, and yet you were made by the Creator of everything.' It challenges us to let that truth affect the way we deal with those around us. Using the example of Moses' experience of the burning bush, Rob Bell challenges us: 'are we standing on holy ground all the time?' And I love that all of this is set in an underground station: mundane, every-day, a necessary evil if you're commuting.holy ground???! Do we miss what God is doing because we're moving too fast? Do we miss opportunities to connect with him, to meet him in our everyday lives? As usual, this doesn't package the answers neatly, but raises questions and provides plenty of food for thought...if that's whetted your appetite, go, buy, and watch for yourself!

Reviewer: Samantha Luscombe   (27/03/07)
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