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The Cross and the Switchblade

by David Wilkerson


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Zondervan from Trust Media Distribution
Published:08 July 2002
This long term best-seller, a classic story of redemption, was first published more than 40 years ago and is as relevant today as it was then. Having read a highly disturbing account of how a teenage gang had brutally attacked and killed a fifteen-year-old polio victim in a park in New York, a country preacher named David Wilkerson decided to take to the streets of New York. These streets were the most dangerous in the world at that time, with violent gangs ruled by warlords, drug pushers and pimps. He set off on his lonely crusade armed with the simple message of God’s love and the promise of the Holy Spirit’s power. Then the miracles began to happen….. This work is continuing in many cities. David Wilkerson is at present President of World Challenge and Pastor of Times Square Church in Manhattan.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (10/08/02)
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