Review Policies...

Review policies...

In supporting our mission we will consider good quality Christian books regardless of whether they are from commercial publishers of any size, university presses, independent presses or from self-published authors.

Please note that at this time we do not review Ebooks or Audio Books at all. Please also note that we do not review any book that is not readily available in print form in the UK, either directly or through a standard wholesaler/distributor, for Bookshops to buy in at Trade Terms as we only offer books on the site that are available with wide distribution offline as well as online.

We do in all instances require a bound physical copy of the book for review submission, preferably a finished copy of the book, though in some cases we will accept Advanced Reading Copies.

We do not currently accept E-galleys or Unbound Proofs.

We do not return review copies and books that are not selected for review are generally donated to Book Aid or other organisations of our choice.

Finally, like most review sites we receive far more books than we can always review swiftly. Though we endeavour to post reviews as speedily as we possibly can, books do take time to read and for this reason newly published works may be given reviewers preference over older works or forthcoming titles.

We do not guarantee to post a review but we do give serious consideration to every book that we recieve.

Our reviewers make their own selections not just from books we receive but also from books they find out about and ask us to request. Note, however, that a request from us is not a promise to review; nor is receipt of a copy of a book, though it is the first step in considering a book for review.

Our reviews are totally independent and are formed by the reviewer alone, we try to be objective within our reviews - therefore publishers and authors may not choose the reviewer they wish their book(s) to go to.

If there are weaknesses in the book our reviewers will likely point them out as well as pointing out the books positive qualities.
So although we don't ever publish negative reviews, our reviews will contain honest criticism where thought appropriate and submitting a book for review does imply a full acceptance of this fact.

When a review is posted to the site we will notify the publisher or author and send a link to it. Our reviews not only go onto our site, but links to them are also posted onto our Facebook Page, Twitter Account & RSS Feeds.

Please also note that we do make all our reviews free for use by other websites, bookshops or agencies so long as a link back to the site and mention of is made.

We do require you to be a subscriber member of the site in order to have reviews of your works posted onto the site.
Our subscription rates are quite reasonable, starting at only £10, and are necessary to maintain the site and it's associated work. Subscription also includes other benefits such as full inclusion on our Publishers Database and a live link from our site to your own amongst its ongoing benefits.

If you are a professional publisher or author and would like us to consider review of over 6 books a year then please contact us about a full Publisher Subscription - this allows you unlimited book submissions per year.

If you are a professional publisher or author and would like us to consider reviews of less than 6 books a year then please contact us about a Small Press Subscription - this enables you to send up to 6 book submissions per year.

If you are a Self-Published Author or Micro-Press then please contact us about a Single Book Subscription.