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Route 66

A Crash Course in Navigating Life With the Bible

by Krish Kandiah


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:April 2011
Accessibility and scripture don’t mix enough! This is a pacey, spirited and rich guide to life with Gods Word that wonderfully defies this.
Kandiah offers an eight-segment feature in fresh, inspirational and transformational ways. For such a slim title, there is content that reflects faithful research and yet a deep readability! Krish uses the journey metaphor very warmly and well, with his transportation and transformation invitation remaining long after I put the book down! Excitement, energy and encouragement abound in this added Biblefresh year. The travel journal questions offered additional value to a scriptural stimulus. Good stuff!
Published by Monarch in partnership with Spring Harvest and Elevation Resources.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (03/06/11)
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