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Amish Proverbs

Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life

by Suzanne Woods Fisher


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Revell imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:01 September 2010
These sayings, proverbs, call them what you will, are collected into groups with an introduction by Suzanne Woods Fisher at the start of each section. In her acknowledgments at the start of the book, she explains that she has taken many from two previously published collections by Dr. Edwin Miller Fogel and C. Richard Beam, others are those she grew up hearing from her Grandfather and those around her. The Introduction tells more about the Amish and how these words are used among them.
These sayings are wise words indeed. Many have you nodding in agreement, others make you smile, all make you want to share them with others and to read over again and again. The photographs on each facing page are excellent and well chosen, but it is the introductions at the start of each section that makes this book special.
I canít start quoting, I would never stop!

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/12/10)
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