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Church and Mission in a Strange New World

by Stuart Murray


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:Summer 2004
Post-Christendom offers an interesting perspective on how the church should respond to its changing status in society, from being at the very centre where people knew the Gospel story to being on the margins where Christianity is little know, irrelevant or even offensive. The book highlights how inaction, denial or hope in out-moded revivals are simply no longer options and calls for the church to accept that radical change is needed in all areas of mission and ministry. Indeed, it shows how a new mindset is required for actually 'being' church. For all Christians concerned with these issues, Post-Christendom is an informative, hopeful and important account. However, its historical introduction, whilst necessary for setting the book in context, is overly critical and lengthy, and the book as a whole does lack objectivity. Some readers will no doubt find the proposals for change unnecessary or even un-reconcilable.

Reviewer: Rebecca Chitty   (14/10/04)
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