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Is Religion Dangerous

by Keith Ward


Price: £8.99
This excellently-written and very readable book has 200 pages dealing with this most modern of issues – is religion dangerous? Keith Ward explores how we define religion and the ways in which religions and groups can be seen to be ‘dangerous’ where their intent might be quite the opposite. I liked the way that he drew examples from all aspects of life and history – Christianity, Islam, Nazi Germany, the Crusades, Iraq, Quakers, Buddhism and more. This wide-ranging look at the world and the religions that are part of it, their history and form today and ways in which their followers can be dangerous was excellently portrayed. His conclusion - that it’s the human within the religion that is dangerous, not the religion itself - is perhaps not a surprise but his masterly arguments are well worth reading. A useful book to encourage thought and dialogue within Christianity and other religions.

Reviewer: Helen Hancox   (19/10/06)
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