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The Emerging Church

Vintage Christianity for New Generations

by Dan Kimball


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Zondervan from Trust Media Distribution
The author describes this book as “Vintage Christianity for new generations”! The book, and forget the layout which may be striking for some and garish to others, is a brave challenge to the many preconceptions many have about day to day Christianity and its place in the modern world. The theme is change, an ever constant in this century and the challenges we have in our everyday lives. The author tries to differentiate between modern styles and service patterns and the fundamental beliefs we all hold as Christians. There are many ideas, some revolutionary in concept, but they make you think, and some ideas that you will dismiss out of hand but will make you think along different avenues. It does approach worship through American eyes and thoughts so be prepared for forthright challenge and some zany concepts. Try it first before making too many assumptions!

Reviewer: Ian Gibson   (28/01/05)
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