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Transforming Communities

Re-imagining the Church for the 21st Century

by Steven Croft


Price: £10.95
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:15 July 2002
‘Liturgy is not worship: it is a vehicle for worship’, insists the author, who draws on experience as liturgist and parish priest, and on more than one interest. ‘Worship is not mental activity, it is a response to God’s love, transforming us through encounter with God. Yet liturgical revisions across denominations have been word based and intellectual, and largely fail to engage worshippers. Emphasis on words disempower many: word based culture is breaking down. Symbol and action have power to free worshippers; for instance lighting candles lets people embody what they cannot shape in words. Words are not superseded, but must be used so as to involve worshippers: this cannot be a spectator sport.’ This book is thought provoking and useful both to worshippers and to worship leaders.

Reviewer: Cleodie Mckinnon   (20/10/02)
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