Anniversary Message

From Dora Fielder ...

It was Guy Taylor who first asked me if I could take over the mantle of the old Church Bookstall Newsletter, I was delighted, but daunted by the prospect. My days at SPCK had just drawn to a close, and after 30 years or so, I needed another challenge.

I had to take a crash course in computing.  I can still remember the horror of waking in the night, wondering what would happen if I pressed the wrong button, and a load of gibberish nonsense was broadcast far and wide, thank goodness it never happened!

Sadly my days as editor drew to a close when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he needed round the clock care, and so Mary very kindly stepped in, and with her own inimitable style keeps on to this day. So, Happy Anniversary to The Good BookStall, and keep up the good work.

Dora Fielder - (previously Dora Smith) The First Editor of The Good BookStall.

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