Anniversary Message

From Georgina Kivlin...
When I receive an email from Carole letting me know that one of my books has been reviewed on The Good Book Stall, it's always with excitement that I click onto the website.

As a publicist, of course it's wonderful to read the (usually wonderful!) reviews of the books that I have been working with - it makes my job worthwhile hearing how what we at Lion Hudson spend our time producing is received by our readers. But as a bookaholic, I can't help but be drawn in by the plethora of highlights, and end up spending far longer browsing through the site than I really ought to! It's refreshing to read such honest and thoughtful reviews of the wealth of material out there.

So happy 10th anniversary to all at TGBS, and our hearty thanks to Mary and the team for providing such an excellent service!

Georgina Kivlin, Marketing Manager, Lion Children's Books

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