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David AdamDavid Adam

David Adam was born in Alnwick, Northumberland. When he left school at 15 he went to work underground in the mines for three years before training for the ministry. He was Vicar of Danby in North Yorkshire for over twenty years, where he discovered the gift of writing prayers in the Celtic pattern. His first book of these, Edge of Glory, achieved immediate popularity. He has since published several collections of prayers and meditations based on the Celtic tradition.

His books have been translated into various languages, including Finnish and German and have appeared in American editions. He was made a Canon of York Minster in 1989.

Recently he retired from Holy Island, where he was the Vicar for 13 years. On the Island he took many retreats and regularly taught Pilgrim groups and school groups on prayer and the Celtic saints. During his ministry there he met over a million worshippers and seekers. He has broadcast on television and radio as well as producing CD's. His other interest is folklore, telling local tales including the stories of St Aidan and St Cuthbert. He now continues this work and his writing from Waren Mill in Northumberland.



Hebridean Altars: The Spirit of an Island Race
Editor, Alistair Maclean

Paperback (08 April 1999)

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton imprint of Hachette UK Ltd
ISBN: 978-0-340-73557-2

 Hebridean Altars: The Spirit of an Island Race

First published in 1937 and although re-published, again Out of Print with limited availability.

It will reveal to you prayers of the people. These prayers have a feeling of the open air and the salt sea, of labour and of travel, of the home and family life. This is folk prayer at its best.

When I first came across this book I felt it liberated me to be more 'earthy' in my prayers and to be at home with God in my home. What excited me was the sheer delight in the world and in worldly images. It was like going into a lost world - a world that we had lost - where God was close and real. This was once part of our rich heritage that we have exchanged for trivial pursuits and watching the television. To turn back to God who is found among the ordinary could enrich us indeed.

The God of this book is there in the 'dark happens of our lot' as well as the good times: a God who will enable us to walk in a path of light no matter how cheerless the day. Above all this is a book to encourage you to pray in your own words and with images that belong to the world in which you live: to approach God through the earth and its happenings for God loves the world.

David Adam.

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