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Elizabeth WelchRevd Elizabeth Welch

The Revd Elizabeth Welch is Moderator of the West Midlands Synod of the United Recformed Church, and from July 2001 until July 2002 served as Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church alongside her present position. Elizabeth was ordained in 1976 and has served in an ecumenical role throughout her ministry; locally, nationally and internationally. She is co-author of Travelling together: a handbook on local ecumenical partnerships and has also written various articles on ecumenism and management.




Travelling Light: Your Journey to Wholeness
Author - Daniel O'Leary

Paperback (11 February 2001)
Price: £9.99

Publisher: Columba Press
ISBN: 978-1-856-07319-6

 Travelling Light


I am interested in the way in which people search for spirituality, but don't necessarily look to the Christian faith for help on their journey. I know that I can get caught up in a busy lifestyle, in which it does not feel as if there's enough time for prayer and reflection.

Travelling Light by Daniel O Leary gives ‘breathers' for each day of a month. These are short reflections on the spiritual life, followed by a practical suggestion for taking the reflection forward. O Leary reminds me that on my journey to wholeness, God is already seeking me.
O Leary writes from his experience of pain and struggle as well as from a well-spring of joy and freedom. He helps me to see God in the ordinary things of life and to learn to let go of those things which keep me back from coming closer to God, whether these are negative drives from inside myself or the pressures from outside myself.

I am happy to recommend this book to those who are seeking moments of rest and reflection in the midst of a busy daily round. These ‘ breathers' give space for breathing in the life-giving Holy Spirit.

By Revd Elizabeth Welch

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