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Wendy CraigWendy Craig

My life is so busy these days. It seems that as I become older I'm working harder than ever. Consequently reading, which I love, has to be done in snatches - on a train, in my dressing room between scenes, at the table when I'm eating alone. That's just one of the reasons why I love Eddie Askew's books.







Slower Than Butterflies
Author - Eddie Askew

Paperback (07 July 1997)
Price: £4.95

Publisher: TLM Trading for The Leprosy Mission
ISBN: 978-0-902-73139-4

 Slower Than Butterflies


He takes a passage from the Bible, meditates on it, and follows on with an appropriate prayer in the form of a poem. Each chapter is short and easy to read.

These reflections are deeply satisfying, comforting and inspiring, and Eddie has illustrated them with his own beautiful water colours and sketches.

Eddie's faith is deep and he is able to councel and guide other Christians through his gifted writing and painting. He joined The Leprosy Mission and served in India for fifteen years before becoming International Director of the Mission's world wide operations, so he has vast experience of Christian service from which to draw.

All his books have been a blessing to me but one of my favourites is "Slower than Butterflies". The passages were originally written for "Thought for the Day" on BBC Radio Nottingham. In our busy lives Eddie asks us to step aside for a few minutes each day, look around, and pause for thought.

Wendy Craig.

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