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Ray SimpsonRay Simpson is founding guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda ( and principal tutor of its Celtic Christian Studies Programme. He is author of nearly thirty books, the latest being The Cowshed Revolution published by Kevin Mayhew. Ray lives on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne near to the Community's Studies Library, Resources Centre and Retreat House, The Open Gate. He is an ordained member of the Christian Church. He sends a daily prayer tweet @whitehouseviews and writes a weekly blog on
Cave Refectory Road
Author - Ian Adams

Paperback (21 September 2010)

Publisher: Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-848-25028-4
Ian has mined deep into monastic tradition, including the early desert fathers and mothers of Egypt, and has drawn from it three life-giving principles that can prove life-giving to old and fresh expressions of church. He writes as a poet, family man and planter of a new-monastic community. The cave represents the sacred space, the life of prayer that must be at the heart of a church, as must hospitality, symbolised by the refectory or kitchen. The road calls pew-sitters to become listeners to God, who, as they respond, become a church on the move. This is well-written, succinct and timely.

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