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Ruth ValerioRuth Valerio is part of the leadership of Spring Harvest and runs A Rocha UK's, Living Lightly project. She is the author of L is for Lifestyle: Christian living that doesn't cost the earthI> 

Bible and Ecology
Author - Richard Baukham

Paperback (June 2010)
Price: £14.95

Publisher: DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
ISBN: 978-0-232-52791-9


Bible and Ecology - Rediscovering the Community of Creation 

I feel extremely fortunate. The topic that I am most interested in as a Christian also seems to be the topic that one of our leading New Testament minds has decided he wants to spend his retirement years focusing on and writing about (amongst other things, no doubt).

I've read Richard Bauckham's works since I was a Theology undergraduate many years ago (he's the foremost writer on the book of Revelation and is the person who inspired NT Wright's eschatological thinking), and it has been interesting to me to watch him becoming increasingly interested in Christianity and the environment.

His latest book, Bible and Ecology, really is the best book there is on what the Bible has to teach us today about our place in this world, particularly in the light of the ecological disasters that are unfolding. He writes wonderfully, insightfully and thought-provokingly, and I can't recommend this book more highly.


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