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Alan Wilson EditedThe Rt Rev'd Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson was born in Edinburgh and grew up in East London and Kent. He studied at St John's College Cambridge and has served in the Diocese of Oxford since 1979, firstly at Baliol College then as NSM at Eynsham, Curate of Caversham & Mapledurham, incumbent of St John the Baptist Caversham and while there chaplain at Reading Prison. He moved to Sandhurst as Rector. He was Area Dean of Sonning from 1998-2003, and Honorary Canon of Christ Church, Oxford 2002-3. In October 2003 he became Area Bishop of Buckingham.
He has been involved with very many organisations and is a member of the Council of Christians and Jews, the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Ecclesiastical Law Society as well as many Diocesan Groups.
He is married to Lucy, a violin teacher, and they have five children, Catherine, Stephanie, Stewart, Nicholas, and Anna. He and his wife help lead Engaged Encounter weekends for couples preparing for marriage.
Alan lists among his interests history, film, art and design, leadership development, Benedictine monasticism, photography, singing, technology, running and France.

A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix
Author - Edwin H. Friedman

Paperback (April 2007)
Price: £17.99

Publisher: Church Publishing Inc from Gardners Books
ISBN: 978-1-596-27042-8


 A Failure of Nerve

Airport bookstalls groan under a heavy load of leadership titles, most of which sell technique. Rabbi Friedman's book is different. It is about what is going on inside leaders in the age of the quick fix. The lemmings are scared by the pace of change and fear of the future. Onward they go, their little legs carrying them as fast as they can scamper. Left to their own devices, the little darlings will choose, with all the authority democracy confers the fastest sleekest lemming. He's the obvious leader of the pack, isn't he? They're bound to, because when they draw up lists of criteria against which to set candidates, he's the winner by a long nose. Edwin H. Friedman, religious leader and expert on family systems, says, "No!" The leader they actually need, rather than want, is the shy skinny lemming who can differentiate himself securely from the anxieties and operational habits of the others. Unfortunately Friedman died before completing his book, but his wife did her best to supply notes that flesh out the "so what?" second section. The main thesis of the book, however, is original and compelling - essential wisdom for anyone called to any form of leadership.

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