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David WinterRev'd Canon David Winter

David Winter's working life has included five years as a teacher,twelve as a journalist and twenty at the BBC - radio and TV producer and ending up Head of Religious Broadcasting. After that he was ordained in the Church of England and has continued to write (books, newspaper columns) and broadcast. His first wife died ten years ago - he has three children, one of whom is an Anglican vicar.



The One Big Question
Author - Michael Baughen

Paperback (10 October 2010)
Price: £7.99

Publisher: CWR (Crusade for World Revival)
ISBN: 978-1-853-45572-8

The One Big Question tackled by the author in this paperback is what he describes as the biggest block to faith for modern people. Why, they ask, in a world supposedly created by a loving God is there so much suffering - much of it experienced by innocent victims of natural events like earthquakes and floods? It is indeed a huge question, and Michael Baughen, formerly the Bishop of Chester, is the latest in a long line of Christian apologists to seek to offer an answer.
I liked three things about this book. Firstly, it doesn't duck the problem, nor suggest that there are easy answers. Secondly, it sets out to present a case based not on human argument but on the testimony of Scripture. Thirdly, it is rooted - almost to a fault - in human experience: every page is marked by vivid testimonies of real people in the kind of desperate situations with which we are all familiar
The book is clearly addressed to Christians for whom this is a problem - either personally, or in their contacts with sceptical friends. I don't think its arguments are likely to win over the sceptics, but they may well be impressed by the weight of human testimony. This is a book that is easy to read, but difficult lightly to dismiss.

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