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Martin Cavender Martin Cavender


Martin lives with his wife Cesca in Somerset, and directs "ReSource", an initiative for renewal for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit ; more details on Before "ReSource" Martin led the Archbishops' initiative, "Springboard", for 12 years; and before that was an ecclesiastical lawyer. Martin and Cesca have three children, now all married, producing grandchildren and scattered into various shapes of Christian ministry around the country". 

 (Update: We regret to note that Martin died on 31st July 2015, from cancer, aged 68.)



The Wild Gospel
Author - Alison Morgan

Paperback (2004)
Price: £8.99

Publisher: Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
ISBN: 978-1-854-24672-1

 The Wild Gospel


There are occasions when a book comes along which is quite different from others ; a book which has a content, style and shape which has not been seen in quite this way before. This is one of those occasions. Alison Morgan has brought together intellectual rigour, a swathe of references and hugely varied footnotes with life-changing personal testimony in this extraordinary writing about truth in the power of the Holy Spirit of God. In the words of Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, "A ground-breaking, exciting and moving book that could not be more timely". For Dr John Drane it is "An amazing book"; whereas for Canon Michael Green it is simply "The most exciting book I have read this year".
Though none of us knew it at the time, I was there when this book was born ; standing with Alison and my wife Cesca on a hillside in Chipili, Zambia in 1999. The sun rose through the trees on a beautiful morning in April, wreathed in mist and the wisps of cooking fires, and God was there in all his grace and truth. It was a crucial moment in three journeys of discovery. We had seen God at work in all his beauty among the people he loved, healing and liberating ; and here he was in his creative majesty.
Alison Morgan is a medievalist, a university lecturer. She is determined upon truth with all her powers of intellect. At one level this book is a personal journey into truth ; at another it is prophetic for the culture in which we live. This is truth as the living force of a different reality, God himself. Small wonder that many people speak of taking it up again the day after having finished it. I commend it to you enthusiastically.

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