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Stephen NeedDr. Stephen Need

Dr. Stephen W. Need is Dean of St. George's College Jerusalem, a centre in the Holy Land for fieldwork study and reflection. It offers short courses throughout the year in the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. Dr. Need has led groups across the Middle East for many years and has taught New Testament Studies and Early Christianity in Chichester, Southampton and Jerusalem. He lives with his wife Jill at St. George's College in Jerusalem.



The Uttermost Part of the Earth
Author - Richard R. Losch

Paperback (04 July 2005)
Price: £9.99

Publisher: Eerdmans from Alban Books
ISBN: 978-0-802-82805-7

The Uttermost Part of the Earth. A Guide to Places in the Bible

Living in the Holy Land is an exciting experience and there are plenty of opportunities to travel to the places that are known from the Bible. I always enjoy reading guidebooks and travel writing and there are lots of them around. On courses at St. George's College I am regularly engaged in helping people to come to a greater appreciation of the history of the places in the Holy Land and to learn something of their significance.

This book by Richard R. Losch is a great introduction to the places of the Bible. It not only deals with the places in Israel but also takes the reader through quite a few sites in Greece, Turkey and further afield. The book is a dictionary-type work in which you can look up the places alphabetically. Places from the Old Testament are included as well as those from the New. Among the Old Testament sites are: Armageddon, Babylon and Beersheba; Carchemish, Gibeon and Nineveh. On the New Testament side there are: Corinth, Philippi, Thessaloniki; Ephesus, Tarsus and Galatia; Galilee, Qumran, and Magdala among many others. The more obvious places like Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem are also included. There are other important cities from the history of Christianity too, such as Alexandria and Antioch. Each entry gives a solid but readable outline of the history of the place concerned and the book opens with 'A Brief History of the Holy Land'. There are black and white photographs of some of the places and some useful maps for orientation.

This is not a guide book as such but will certainly help travellers to understand the history of the places they visit and make their time in them much more valuable and enjoyable. I strongly recommend it.

Stephen Need

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