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Mandy BriarsMandy Briars

Mandy Briars was the Operations Manager for the Christian Resources Exhibitions (CRE) and is now Mandy is a member of a Baptist church in Aylesbury and is part of the leadership team for homegroups. Together with her husband, Steve, she has co-authored the book 'Homegroups: The Authentic Guide'

She is now working with Steve for Christian Resources Together, the Retailers and Suppliers Retreat.



The Best is Yet to Come
Author - Greg Laurie

Hardback (September 2005)
Price: £8.99

Publisher: Multnomah from Trust Media Distribution
ISBN: 978-1-590-52332-2

 The Best is Yet to Come


The Best Is Yet To Come by Greg Laurie is a small book with a big message about faith for today and hope for the future. Written in an easy to read style the author reassures us that nothing is too large or too insignificant for Christ to care about. Drawing upon the first two miracles of Jesus, the turning of water into wine and the healing of the government officer's son, Laurie skilfully weaves together biblical truth with true-life stories and illustrations that you will identify with.

This is a book of hope and encouragement, a reminder to keep looking forward and not back, as the best is yet to come. Laurie's writing is profound dealing with the everyday issues that so many of us wrestle with, fear, worry, or simply wondering where all the years have gone. For all of us life has its moments of joy and sorrow but if we have placed our faith in Christ then as Christians we have something far better to look forward to.

The Best Is Yet To Come is a delightful coffee-table book that you will enjoy reading yourself but will also want to pass on to others.

Mandy Briars

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