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Bill SnelsonThe Revd Bill Snelson,

Bill Snelson served in various Church of England parishes in and around Leeds before becoming County Ecumenical Officer for West Yorkshire in 1993. He has been General Secretary of Churches Together in England and is now Development Officer UK at the Anglican Centre in Rome

Rowena Loverance shared the Presidency of Churches Together in England with Archbishop Carey, Cardinal Hume, and Baroness Richardson over the four years which spanned the turn of the millennium. It made for some memorable conversations. A Quaker of broad ecumenical and inter-faith sympathies, Rowena's witness has been in the work-place of the British Museum and the world of education and academia.



The British Museum Christ
Author - Rowena Loverance

Hardback (22 November 2004)
Price: £9.99

Publisher: British Museum Press
ISBN: 978-0-714-15015-4

 The British Museum Christ


This beautiful book uses some of the treasures of the British Museum to trace the key events of Jesus' life and the main elements of his teachings, as revealed through the New Testament and foreshadowed in the Old. It is written in faith from faith, and assumes very little knowledge of the Christian story in the reader. So it is a piece of Christian mission on the edge, a great example of grasping the opportunity to explain and expound the Christian faith to thinking, exploring adults whose interest and indeed wonder may have been evoked by the artefacts described.

A book by a lay person, from lay experience, and for lay people, "Christ" is well-researched, thoughtful and stimulating - stimulating in particular in raising for me how I communicate the faith in non-technical, non-churchy language and forms.
"Christ" fulfils two major criteria for me:

  • Would I be embarrassed if I left it on a train and others picked it up and read it? No, I wouldn't.
  • Would I happily give it to those among my own family and friends who are sceptical about the Christian faith? Yes, I would; and I will.
The Revd Bill Snelson

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