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Jonathan BugdenJonathan Bugden

Jonathan Bugden was Chairman of the Board of the Christian Booksellers Convention before its demise.

Was distribution manager at Valley Books Trust, Area sales manager at Scripture Union Publishing , Sales director at Kevin Mayhew Ltd and is now Managing Director at Joining the Dots Distribution  








The Barbarian Way
Author - Erwin Raphael McManus

Hardback (10 February 2005)
Price: £10.99

Publisher: Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
ISBN: 978-0-785-26432-3

The Barbarian Way - Unleash the Untamed Faith Within

When you have read Christian books all your life, it is unusual to still find one that brings you to a screeching halt, but that's what happened to me recently. I read The Barbarian Way. Is following Jesus meant to be safe, slick and trouble-free or unpredictable and dangerous? Why have we chosen to make our faith and life so spiritually civilised (even sanitised) when Jesus calls us to follow him into a radical way of life? There is a resonance for me in this book with what was meant to be, a connection to a passion and zeal that has waned with time.
Why is so much 'head-knowledge' not translated into 'lifestyle'?
What really matters?
Why is it easier to settle for what is comfortable when true fulfilment lies in abandonment to God's agenda for our lives?
The author issues the challenge to get back to powerful, raw and simple faith that chooses revolution over compromise, peril over safety and passion over lukewarm and diluted Christianity. Rediscover, of maybe discover for the first time, the adventure Jesus intended our life to be. Be led into, and consumed by the presence of a passionate and compassionate God. Read this book but only if you are willing to be honest with yourself!

Jonathan Bugden

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