Favourite books 2001-2011

Chosen by Martin Brasier...
Dawkin's God
Author - Alistair McGrath

Paperback (18 October 2004)
Price: £14.99

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell from Gardners Books
ISBN: 978-1-405-12538-3
Selling Worship
Author - Pete Ward

Paperback (January 2005)

Publisher: Authentic Media
ISBN: 1-842-27270-5
Mentoring for Spiritual Growth
Author - Tony Horsfall

Paperback (2007)
Price: £7.99

Publisher: BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
ISBN: 978-1-841-01562-0

Favourite Books of the last ten years

Here are my top ten books of the last ten years. If I had time to read more, of course the list might have been different!

  • Some of these books have simply encouraged and affirmed me in my thinking.
  • Some have been challenging.
  • All of them have taught me something useful, and all of them have inspired me in some way or other.
  • In a couple of cases the effect on me has been profound.


What the Bible Really Teaches - Keith Ward
(SPCK 2004)

Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes - Kenneth Bailey
(SPCK 2008)

The Lost Message of Jesus - Steve Chalke
(Zondervan 2004)

 The Wondrous Cross - Stephen Holmes

Dawkins' God - Alister McGrath

Jacob & the Prodigal - Kenneth Bailey
(BRF 2003)

Mentoring for Spiritual Growth - Tony Horsfell
(BRF 2007)

Selling Worship - Pete Ward
(Authentic 2005)

How would Jesus lead worship? - Sam and Sara Hargreaves
(BRF 2009)

How to Pray - John Pritchard
(SPCK 2002)


Martin Brasier.

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