Favourite books 2001-2011

Chosen by Mike Topliss...
Church Hymnary: 4th Edition
Edited by a panel led by John Bell and Charles Robertson

Hardback (31 May 2005)
Price: £27.00

Publisher: Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-853-11613-1
The Sixth Times Book of Best Sermons
Edited by Ruth Gledhill

Paperback (01 January 1970)
Price: £9.99

Publisher: Continuum - A Bloomsbury Company
ISBN: 0-826-44983-2
The Message
Author - Eugene H. Peterson

Paperback (01 January 1970)
Price: £9.99

Publisher: Nav Press from IVP
ISBN: 1-576-83438-7

My 10 of the last 10 years

  1. A Bible. The reliable scholarship of "The Revised English Bible" and "The Bible with Apocrypha (NRSV Anglicized Edition)" will outlast my use and keep me from being too heretical.

  2. Eugene Peterson's "The Message"is my chosen Biblical paraphrase to keep my preaching down to earth, and bring some the difficult passages to intelligible life.

  3. A good commentary is essential. "The New Jerome Biblical Commentary" (in one volume), or "The Lectionary Commentary" (3 vols.) are both very helpful.

  4. The full music edition of the 4th edition of the Church Hymnary is highly commendable. As a Methodist I have paid for and eagerly await next autumn's publication of "Singing the Faith"!

  5. "All Year Round" (while it was still going) was CTBI's enterprising annual file of prayers and other worship aids.

  6. Any one of the books of challenging and imaginative addresses by Trevor Dennis. (The latest added is Sarah Laughs)

  7. Any book by Shusako Endo (particularly "Deep River" or "A Life of Jesus"). He was a Japanese Christian very aware of the cultural baggage with which Westerners saddle the Saviour of the World.
  8. RS Thomas "Collected Poems". Plenty to dip into, and think about, and sometimes find him ringing bells in tune with mine.

  9. "The Sacred Made Real". The book purchased as a reminder of the superb exhibition in 2010 at the National Gallery.

  10. "The Sixth Times Book of Best Sermons". Well, it contains one of mine!



Mike Topliss


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